Hey Everyone 🙂

Tired of the lunch choices around your workplace? Craving for burgers but you don’t want to spend your lunch break in traffic, waiting for your food? Office Party coming up and you’re tired of the standard Pizza delivery?

Well GOOD NEWS! Deliveries for your favourite myBurgerLab burgers are possible! Just hit us up on Facebook, send us a PM on Instagram, or leave us a Whatsapp message at 010 369 5275, let us know what you have planned, and we’ll let you know if it’s possible 😀


Minimum delivery order is RM150.
Delivery charges are covered by us.
Delivery orders have to be made at least 1 working day in advance, so we can confirm with the stores, and our delivery partners if this delivery is possible.
Availability of delivery is subject to availability of delivery slots and delivery personnel.
  1. Where can the menu be found?
    The menu can be found at http://myburgerlab.com/menu.
  2. Why are delivery slots sometimes full?
    Delivery slots are sometimes full as we only accept a limited amount of deliveries as we do not want to compromise on quality. Our delivery orders are prepared during peak periods at our outlet and taking too many orders at once would strain our team. We believe that it’s important to focus on product quality and this unfortunately does limit the amount of delivery orders we can take presently. We’re looking into solutions to increase our delivery capacity in the near future. 🙂
  3. Can I Pay By Credit Card?
    Unfortunately for the time being we aren’t able to process credit card transactions for deliveries as we use a third-party delivery service.