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mBL Beef Patty 2.0

Beef 2.0

Beefy 2.0

Beef 2.0

Our Beef Patties are Juicier and Beefier than ever before.

Food Safety 2.0

At mBL, food safety has always been one of our top priorities. With mBL Beef 2.0, we have leveled up our food safety game by integrating various new and improved safety procedures alongside improvements in our cold-chain management. If that sounds like a load of mumbo-jumbo - In summary - you can rest assured that our patties are always hygienically prepared and safe to consume, now even more so than before.

Juicy 2.0

Juicy 2.0

With our food safety now taken care of, we shifted our attention to the best part about burgers - Eating them. With the new safety procedures in place, we are now confidently able to serve our patties cooked to a perfect Medium doneness. This allows for a patty that is so much juicier than it could ever be before.

Beefy 2.0

Beefy 2.0

Our Patties are safe, and now they are juicier. But we figured - Why stop there? We knew the natural next step was to up the Beefy flavor of our patties too! After testing what seems like thousands of different patties made from different origins and cuts - we found just the one we envisioned. mBL Beef Patty 2.0 will comprise a mixture of Chuck, Brisket and Rib cuts from Argentinian Grain-Fed Beef. This elevates the Beefy flavor of our patties to a level that… You know what? We think you'll have to try it to know what we mean.


  1. What is the origin and cut of mBL Beef Patty 2.0?

    mBL Beef 2.0 Patties are made from Forequarter Cuts (which include chuck, brisket and rib) from Argentinian Grain-fed Beef.

  2. To what done-ness will the patties be prepared?

    These patties will be prepared to medium doneness. After much testing, and taking into account food safety as well as the eating experience - we found that medium done-ness strikes the perfect balance in these 2 key areas.

  3. The patties in my burger are a little more pink on the inside than before.

    Prior to mBL Beef Patty 2.0, we prepared all our beef patties to medium-well doneness. As they are cooked to medium now, they will be a little pinker (and juicier) on the inside.

  4. Can I request for my patty to be prepared well-done?

    While we definitely can cook the patties to medium well if you prefer, this will lead to the patties being less juicy, as well as tougher and chewier. As such, to ensure the best experience - Our recommendation would be to order the patties as is unless there is a health concern on your part (pregnancy, young children, etc).

  5. The patty seems smaller than before.

    Our patties are actually the same weight as before. The mBL Beef Patty 2.0 is slightly smaller diameter wise, but they are thicker. Previously, we prepared our patties with the smashing method, which is no longer in use for mBL Beef 2.0.