Amirah Muslimah

“If there’s something I can take away from myBurgerLab for the rest of my life, it would be team
spirit. They taught me how to communicate with people and I don’t feel fear anymore
to work with many different people. I’ll bring it with me everywhere I go.”

Q: How did you find out about myBurgerLab?

From a friend of mine actually. When I was 18 I used to work in a law firm as a normal clerk. It was so tough and the pressure was real during my stay there. You have to wake up early in the morning and do the same thing everyday, they told me I was going to work as a clerk but really I was like their maid. I was told to carry luggage and back then I was still young so it was really tough for  me. And soon I decided to look for another job and here I am today. Working in myBurgerLab is definitely more comfortable than any other jobs I’ve had before. It changed my mindset a lot. Here I learned to know more people, how they think, and to not judge someone by their looks and background. The people here are very helpful. I love spending time with them. Don’t get me wrong, we work hard too, maybe just as hard as I did back then, but the difference is, here, I feel like I belong.

Q: What is one thing you’re most proud of?

I’m really proud of my level-up cards I’ve earned throughout my time in myBurgerLab. Level up cards are little acknowledgements to signify that each Geek has mastered a particular role in the lab. While we’re on the topic of level up cards, I remember this one incident when I was working towards earning my cashier card, towards the end of the shift, we were robbed, and we lost a big chunk of the cash that we had that night. Not only was I sad that this probably affected my progress towards my cashier card, I was extremely disappointed in myself for letting the team down. To my surprise, the next day my manager talked to me, and told me that it wasn’t my fault, and that all we can do is to stay more alert in the future. And then, he gave me my cashier card, which only served to motivate me to improve myself and continue learning.

Q: What is the one thing you treasure the most?

This is a photo of me that my father took of me. I’m actually adopted probably since I was 1 day old. I don’t know who my biological parents are but one day I found out I was adopted when I was 7 while reading my father’s diary but kept it to myself. When I turned 12, it was time everyone knew. We all just went on with our lives. I was really close with my dad and spent most of my time together growing up with him. He was always there for me during my darkest times. But one day he passed away, I was shocked to my core, it was a really tough time for me. But here I am today still fighting on. There are still some days where I look at the picture and cry in a corner but afterwards, it reminds me that I can keep going no matter what because you only get to live once in this life, so why not?

Q: Where do you see yourself 5/10 years down the road?

I don’t know where I’m headed to be honest, but I know whatever happens, happens. I have to be ready for anything and everything that comes my way, and I will be.

Side Note: Amirah loves listening to music a lot. She goes through many different genres of music and pays no heed to the petty obstructions in life. To her, getting her sleep on and resting to prepare for the future is more than enough. She’s one tough cookie and it would take more than anything to make her crumble!