The Chicken & Egg Dilemma

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? We certainly don’t know the answer to the question, neither do we have research that points in one direction or the other. What we do know however, is that fried chicken is delicious, and eggs taste amazing. Plus, in a delicious (and some might say cruel) twist, chickens and eggs go really well together on a plate (or bowl or whatever it is you serve your food on). And so we created the Chicken & Egg Dilemma burger, bringing the best of both chicken and eggs into one burger.

A Juicy Fried Chicken Patty with a melted slice of sharp cheddar cheese and a generous helping of fluffy, creamy egg salad, accompanied by lettuce and a few cherry tomatoes, all held together by bamboo charcoal buns. The egg salad complements the fried chicken patty like the moon complements the night sky. Realizing that there wouldn’t be one without the other, it doesn’t matter which comes first, only that they taste really good together.