The Ultimate Eggslut

Many have asked us about this breakfast burger’s controversial name, and so we explain to them the true meaning behind the term ‘eggslut’. Eggslut is an American fast food chain that continues to grow in popularity due to it’s unique offerings that use, you guessed it, eggs, as their main ingredient.

And so, in support of the ever growing Eggslut movement in the United States, we decided to bring the Eggslut movement to Malaysia as well, by creating our own interpretation of an Eggslut sandwich.

And so, the Ultimate Eggslut has a fluffy scrambled egg, topped of with some tangy green salsa, as well as some spicy mayo, all held together by a freshly made sugary donut bun. And an additional tip for those who plan to come in and try this breakfast burger, we’ve heard the Ultimate Eggslut goes really well with our Ultrasear beef patty, or a hashbrown, or both. Both of which are optional extras should you want them in your Ultimate Eggslut.

So do drop by for breakfast at myBurgerLab during the weekends, the Ultimate Eggslut, as well as our other breakfast offerings will be waiting for you.