The Juicy Lucy

A beef-bacon wrapped beef patty stuffed with cheese that will ooze out the moment you take a bite. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? Well to us, that sounds like the Juicy Lucy. Think Burger Cheese Leleh, but slightly more omnomnom-licious in our opinion 😉

Although the concept of the Juicy Lucy burger isn’t unique to myBurgerLab, it certainly holds a special place in our hearts. Our version of the Juicy Lucy came about during one of our Burger Battles, in which our geeks battle it out against each other to see who could create the most delicious and unique burger. Our various burger battles have seen many creative and delicious creations by our geeks, from Tom Yum inspired burgers to burgers which incorporated briyani rice into it’s recipe.

However, only the most spectacular of these undoubtedly delicious creations make it into our menu, and the Juicy Lucy is definitely one of them. Wrapping beef patties with traditional bacon usually leads to the patties becoming too dry to be enjoyable to most, as traditional bacon usually takes longer to cook to perfection, however in the case of the Juicy Lucy, both our beef bacon, as well as our beef patty are cooked perfectly at the same time as a result of the cheese stuffed inside the beef patty. The cheese, when cooked and melted, provides moisture to the beef patty from the inside out, effectively preventing it from completely drying out while waiting for the bacon to be nice, dry and crispy.

Aside from the glorious beef bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed beef patty we keep talking about, the Juicy Lucy also has some lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and caramelized onions, along with a generous helping of Honey Mustard, all kept together by myBurgerLab’s signature bamboo charcoal buns. Sounds like your cup of tea? We know we love it, so why don’t you guys come on down and give the Juicy Lucy a try.

p/s:  They’re available in limited quantities everyday due to the slightly more complicated process of preparing the patty, so do come early to improve your chances of getting your hands on one 😉