Seattle’s Morning

The Seattle’s Morning is a burger that was influenced heavily by  one of our co-founders, Ren Yi’s trip to Seattle back when he was a student. The Seattle’s Morning breakfast burger recreates the feeling of walking down Pike Place Market with a cup of coffee in one hand, and freshly baked donut on the other hand.

In our Seattle’s Morning burger, we include an egg, cooked over easy, which represents a bright, sunny Seattle morning. We top that off with our home-made coffee mayo, spiked with bonito flakes to add a coffee element to the burger. With a freshly baked sugary donut bun holding the ingredients together with our signature patty, the Seattle Burger is an unforgettable combination of sweet, salty, savoury and umami elements.


Renyi got his first taste in F&B while in Uni pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree while working part time as a Starbucks partner. Hence making that pilgrimage to the FIRST Starbucks in the world at Pike Place Market a life changing trip.