We’ve always played around with an idea for a Salted Egg Yolk flavored burger as its gives a sense of familiarity to Malaysians and overtime we were assured there was a demand when we found out many of you had similar suggestions. In January 2016, that’s when we managed to develop the burger idea into a reality. HOORAY!

Upon the first week of release, we had a lot of mixed feedback. some people loved the burger, but most were disappointed as they were looking for more salted egg “oomph” in the burger. Some also said that it wasn’t creamy enough, while others said that there was too much curry leaves.

Knowing this, it fueled our co-founders, Ren Yi and Chang Ming, to meet up every night after shift to get R&D done in sight of achieving the one version that can satisfy as many as possible. All feedback given pushed the team (overcoming the frustration) to develop what is now the Salted Egg Yolk Burger.

The Salted Egg Yolk Burger is a burger that is assembled with a Fried Chicken Thigh, topped with Salted Egg Yolk Buttermilk sauce, infused with Cili Padi and blended Curry Leaf.

Some of our customers’ verdict 🙂

Forget Pokemon, Long Live Ultraman

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The Ultraman! Fried chicken thigh with creamy salted egg sauce! #myburgerlab

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Love at first sight @myburgerlab

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