Experiment 1.1 – Prototyping

By February 22, 2012Blog

As they say, Rome was not build in a day. So, like all things good, lots of thoughts and careful planning are put into the ‘construction’ of our burgers. Today was the time to put our first two prototype burgers to the test. The simple ‘Say Cheese’ and ‘A+ Burger’ was produced for the first time in our lab for our two lucky testers, Lena Lim and Derek Teoh, eating their hearts out with great compliments.

The cute couple were trying to not get their hands dirty too much but the burgers had a different plan for them. In the end, they were having a full on hands-on experience with our burgers. There was no doubt our awesome ‘smashed’ patties, perfectly melted cheese, over roasted tomatoes and our secret sauce were the cause behind this.

On a side note, the buns didn’t turn out as expected – it tasted great BUT was still too dense. The lab geek will be tweaking this for our next experiment, so stay tune to monitor our progress. 🙂