Experiment 1.2 – Feedback-Measure-Learn

By February 24, 2012Blog

myBurgerLab had a great day with five ‘lab rats’ volunteering their taste buds for the greater good of humanity, science and our tummies. The potato buns turned out to be much better, which made our Lab Geek tremendously happy. Looks like things are shaping up now.

Eureka! Even our new prototype of chicken burgers got the ‘lab rats’ talking. An excellent accomplishment indeed for a random chicken burger recipe.

The night ended with excellent feedback from our taste testers, with great suggestions which we have never thought of and useful feedback for our marketing strategy.

Next week is going to be an exciting one, as it’s time to move forward to the next level. Before we end, we just want to thank Louise, Ivan, Foo, Andrew and Angeline for taking time to our secret lair.