Experiment 1.3 – Accidental Findings

By March 3, 2012Blog

A good start to our week, as our Lab Geek finally got his potato buns right this time. After a 3 way split test experiment and some reverse engineering calculations, he managed to get the right combination. 🙂

This time, we had Sharon, Chui Yen and Ai Peng with us for more taste testing! There were mixed reviews for our A+ burgers. Looks like the crispy cheese and choice of mushrooms used should be thought over again.

On the flip side, we had positive feedback for our accidental burger – the Swiisstake burger. We actually did not have that burger in our menu list, but it turned out to be a keeper for our testers. Besides, they also like the spicy kick in our Sauce X. Perhaps we can start taking pre-orders for our Sauce X and Onion Jam 🙂

Things were great last night and it’s time to stress test our secret lair this weekend with more invitees. Come back on Sunday to our blog to see how we did. Till then…..