Experiment 2.0 – Stress Test

By March 3, 2012Blog

Tonight, we decided to stress test ourselves by throwing a big invite to our Ultimate Frisbee friends to see if we can handle a crowd of 30 people and also to get their valuable feedback.

It was definitely a stressful night as you can imagine, having such a large crowd with only 3 guys handling the kitchen and the floor, but nonetheless we had loads of fun seeing many of our friends again. A+ burger was definitely the main seller, followed by Say Cheese and Chicken Schnitzel.

At the end of the night, we were exhausted, but satisfied that we managed to pull it off. After going through the feedback received, we have gotten really valuable insights on what we should work on – Consistency. This is definitely important to ensure quality burgers for all our customers at ALL times.

One fantastic finding that we got was definitely the great reception of our awesome red sauce and white sauce (red sauce was preferred more :p). Looks like these 2 sauces are a keeper.

Again, we would like to extend our appreciation and thanks again to all Ulti players who made it that night. You guys are awesome. Thanks!!