Experiment 2.1 – 3 Days of Serving

By March 11, 2012Blog

It has been an interesting week, with 1 down and 2 ups. 🙂

We had family members and friends of 2 our partners came along to test our burgers. It’s always such a pleasure to see your close ones there to give you a support and a pat on your back.

This night prove to be an important one to us, as we received pretty strong constructive feedback on how to improve our burgers better. It was definitely hard for us to listen to at the start, but it’s all about you, the customers, that we know deserve better burgers. Hence, we decided to improve on it the next day. Without the feedback, we wouldn’t know how to bring our burgers to the next level.

Due to some last minute cancellation of our initial invitees, we managed to get about 9 friends to dine. Tonight was our first roll out of our Chicken & Egg Dilemma burger. If you haven’t heard about it, be prepared for it. This pivot was decided by our Lab Geek after the Chicken Schnitzel was shot down the night before. To a surprise, it was very well received by our small group of testers. We were so relieved that the last minute decision paid off, making this burger part of our future menu 🙂

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Another day filled with family members and some close friends 🙂 Also, we were really excited to have Christopher Tuck and Lih Ren to test our burgers that night. Receiving positive response from both of them is definitely priceless. In fact, Chris had a second burger of ours 😀

It was indeed a great night to see everyone enjoying themselves. What a great way to end our week of continuous testing as things got better.

In the next 2 weeks, we shall definitely bring our A game another step forward. Stay tuned to see what our final planning yields….