Geeks of myBurgerLab – Jaslyne Joon

By September 4, 2016Blog, Geeks of myBurgerLab

Yup, that’s us!

You may have recently heard about the myBurgerLab Pop Up that took place in Penang over the weekend. We were eager to hear how it all went as one could not help but sense the excitement and passion from the Geeks when they returned. Whilst bombarding them with questions, we felt their joy (and felt some envy) listening to their story. Here’s our geek from Penang, Jaslyne Joon, sharing her experience about her time at the Muntri Fest.  

“Hi there! Many of my friends who supported myBurgerlab were really excited when they heard about the Pop Up in Penang. I personally as a geek, really looked forward to reunite with the team. This was my third event – the first was when I purposely took a bus down from Penang to KL to help with myBurgerlab’s second anniversary and the second was the Samsung Moonlight Cinema . The thing that keeps bringing me back is the special element of anticipation from the crowd and from the Geeks you meet on shift. To be honest, I’m not very much of a F&B person. But the culture here which embraces your weirdness makes you wanna return.

Say hi to Jaslyne :)

Say hi to Jaslyne 🙂

After two years of missing out, you can still camouflage into the kitchen like a superstar geek. It just makes you feel super important that you’re part of someone else’s amazing burger experience. It still feels like the awesome kitchen back at Seapark. That same awesome vibe when our geek Victor goes crazy running around store with his horse “mask”.

Here, we practically live up to the ’work hard and play hard’ tagline. Having myBurgerlab come to Penang, it brings a whole lot of geekiness and burger awesomeness to Penang.

I’m a geek who expired and went abroad to Hong Kong to work for of two years. When I decided to leave Hong Kong to come home, I was so excited when I found out that myBurgerlab was popping up in Penang. It just felt like the place I once was so familiar with, finally moved one step closer to home.“

Spoken and expressed with a pure heart indeed. “Be Passionate & Dedicated” is one of our cultures that Jaslyn has clearly embraced when she works and in the things she commits herself to even after she has left us. 

We at myBurgerLab would like to welcome all of you who are eager to be part of this family. Being in her shoes isn’t impossible, you too can be that superstar geek!

You can find us in the link below. Don’t shy shy, we don’t bite 😉