Thank You

By April 18, 2020Blog

Published Date : 3rd January 2020

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“ You guys have the best gourmet burgers in Malaysia. ” – said the message we received on Instagram from one of our guests.

Are we happy? Definitely.
Are we the best burgers in Malaysia? Maybe not yet, but we definitely hope to be worthy of the compliment one day.

When our humble burger joint was nothing but an idea in our heads, we wanted to create a space where our guests can enjoy some damn good burgers, while the geeks in all of us got to play around and experiment with creative flavors and techniques. Our very own Burger Lab if you will. And so, myBurgerLab was born in July 2012 at Seapark, Petaling Jaya.

We thought we’d start small, open up in a relatively quiet area, and hone our craft. But you awesome folks, being your perfectly awesome selves, didn’t allow us too. You spread the word, you lined up through the door, day after day. And we sold out day after day. It wasn’t the quiet reception we expected, but we learned more than we ever could if that was the case. Trial by fire was just what we needed, and that has helped us become the burger chain that we are today.

Fast forward 7+ years, and we’re in 6 different locations across the Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur with a variety of flavors and options on our burger menu. And this is all because of the love and support of everyone who walks through our lab doors, day after day. Whether it’s our Geeks who join us to learn and earn, but also teach us so much along the way. Or our loyal fans who have supported us continuously with love, support and the occasional brilliant burger idea. Or our friends in the F&B industry that have helped us hone our craft, while becoming incredibly great friends too.


So, just like our Bamboo Charcoal Buns, we couldn’t have gotten here without all of you. There’s nothing left for us to say right now except –

Thank You.