Experiment 1.3 – Accidental Findings

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A good start to our week, as our Lab Geek finally got his potato buns right this time. After a 3 way split test experiment and some reverse engineering calculations, he managed to get the right combination. 🙂

This time, we had Sharon, Chui Yen and Ai Peng with us for more taste testing! There were mixed reviews for our A+ burgers. Looks like the crispy cheese and choice of mushrooms used should be thought over again.

On the flip side, we had positive feedback for our accidental burger – the Swiisstake burger. We actually did not have that burger in our menu list, but it turned out to be a keeper for our testers. Besides, they also like the spicy kick in our Sauce X. Perhaps we can start taking pre-orders for our Sauce X and Onion Jam 🙂

Things were great last night and it’s time to stress test our secret lair this weekend with more invitees. Come back on Sunday to our blog to see how we did. Till then…..

Experiment 1.2 – Feedback-Measure-Learn

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myBurgerLab had a great day with five ‘lab rats’ volunteering their taste buds for the greater good of humanity, science and our tummies. The potato buns turned out to be much better, which made our Lab Geek tremendously happy. Looks like things are shaping up now.

Eureka! Even our new prototype of chicken burgers got the ‘lab rats’ talking. An excellent accomplishment indeed for a random chicken burger recipe.

The night ended with excellent feedback from our taste testers, with great suggestions which we have never thought of and useful feedback for our marketing strategy.

Next week is going to be an exciting one, as it’s time to move forward to the next level. Before we end, we just want to thank Louise, Ivan, Foo, Andrew and Angeline for taking time to our secret lair.

Experiment 1.1 – Prototyping

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As they say, Rome was not build in a day. So, like all things good, lots of thoughts and careful planning are put into the ‘construction’ of our burgers. Today was the time to put our first two prototype burgers to the test. The simple ‘Say Cheese’ and ‘A+ Burger’ was produced for the first time in our lab for our two lucky testers, Lena Lim and Derek Teoh, eating their hearts out with great compliments.

The cute couple were trying to not get their hands dirty too much but the burgers had a different plan for them. In the end, they were having a full on hands-on experience with our burgers. There was no doubt our awesome ‘smashed’ patties, perfectly melted cheese, over roasted tomatoes and our secret sauce were the cause behind this.

On a side note, the buns didn’t turn out as expected – it tasted great BUT was still too dense. The lab geek will be tweaking this for our next experiment, so stay tune to monitor our progress. 🙂


Experiment 1.0 – Starting

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So the experiments begins at the secret lab today.

Yes! We have finally started to move forward to perform various ‘experiments’ to make sure we offer one of the best product in the market.

The core ingredients to a good burger, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, Aussie beef patties, hand-made potato buns – everything is fresh, made to order for YOU. That’s our core value here – nothing is too good for you. We know you have been craving for the ‘just-right’ burger to hit the local market and guess what… you don’t have to wait too long to get quality burgers served fastfood-style in KL!

We would like to thank two of our friends who came over to provide us feedback – Lih Ren and Kelly Siew. Both talented minds with valuable feedback. Thanks guys!