Meat-Free Options May Be The Future, But Is The Future A Yummy One?


With each passing year, more and more meat-free / plant-based burger options have entered the market. And while there have been highlights (shoutout to Impossible Burger, Beyond Meat and Harvest Gourmet), we’re still firm believers that a good old mushroom patty just can’t be beat when it comes to going meatless.

The Vivien’s Husband

Long time mBL fans (herbivores and carnivores alike) would have undoubtedly tried the Vivien’s Husband. A whole portobello mushroom, deep-fried in an eggless batter, served on a bed of lettuce, topped with natural cheese, a pineapple ring, and some honey mustard makes for a perfect combination, especially in between our fluffy bamboo charcoal buns!

Pro-tip : Want all the yum, but less of the carbs? We have a salad-basket option for a small charge, which swaps out the burger buns for a bed of fresh shredded lettuce.

Vivien’s Husband // Image Credit: myBurgerLab

Flavor and textures aside though, some of you are probably wondering how this burger got it’s name. Back in the early days, our experiments yielded a burger with a Portobello patty. We soft-launched it at the lab, giving it the temporary name ‘Vege Beta’. Vivien walks into the lab, tries the Vege Beta, and comes back week after week for more, eventually proclaiming her love, and her wish to marry the burger. Out of respect for that love, the burger was henceforth named The Vivien’s Husband.

Not in the mood for burgers, but still want to ride the meat-free train? Here are some of our picks for some great options around the Klang Valley!


Located in Plaza Zurich, Limóne is a European-inspired cafe well known for their gorgeous cakes and yummy mains. If you’re looking to ditch the meat, their Vegan Poke Bowl is definitely a highlight, combining a choice selection of greens with some Asian umami goodness!

Vegan Poke Bowl // Image credit: The Yum List

This poke bowl is a colorful one! Filled with a myriad of different flavors such as peas sprouts, pickled beetroot, edamame and brown rice. All of which pair perfectly with their plant-based meat rendang*. To all those that think yummy can’t be tasty, this might just be the dish to prove you wrong! While you’re there, don’t forget to pair your meal with some of their delicious desserts.

*The plant-based meat rendang is made with mushrooms, turmeric, coconut milk, lemongrass alongside other herbs and spices.

Stars picker audio cafe

Within the bounds of Kota Damansara, there lies an audio library with an impressive collection of audio equipment. From Walkmans to housing a professional Hi-Fi Room. But within this haven for audiophiles lies a kitchen which dishes out some truly unique meat-free options! Now doesn’t that *sound* like something out of the ordinary?

Giant XL Mushroom Chop // Image Credit: Stars Picker Audio Cafe 摘星 . 音響咖啡館

Vegetarians and pescatarians alike, if you’ve ever wondered about the joy us carnivores feel when we bite into a juicy piece of fried chicken, Star Pickers has just the thing for you! Reminiscent of Taiwan-style fried chicken chops, the Giant XL Mushroom Chop is a standout! A Deep-fried Eryingii (aka King Trumpet Mushroom) mixed with select spices and seasonings make for a XL bundle of crunch and joy.


If you’re a regular in Hartamas, you may have encountered Sala, a vegan restaurant chain that serves mainly Tex-Mex cuisine, alongside a few local-inspired vegan options too! But my meat-less pick from Sala may not be something you’d expect – try their hotdog.

Hot Dog // Image Credit: Happy Cow-jbender

Yep, you read that right. A vegan hot dog. Over at Sala, their hot dogs are soy-based, and are held snugly between vegan hot dog buns too! Of course, no hot dog experience is complete without toppings, and Sala’s take on it includes chopped onions, relish, fried shallots, jalapenos, mayo, ketchup and sriracha. It comes with a side of seasoned fries and tangy slaw too. Additionally, if you’re looking for desserts, Sala has them too, ranging from classics like Lemon Cakes, to more unique options like their Black Bean Brownies.

La Juiceria Superfoods

What started as a humble juice bar in 2013 has now evolved into a thriving chain offering not just juices, but also snacks and meals of the healthy and tasty persuasion. The health conscious will undoubtedly be familiar with La Juiceria, and based on what I’ve tried, so should everyone else!

Keto Bowl // Image Credit: La Juiceria Superfoods

The Keto Bowl is a vegetarian-friendly option that is reminiscent of an amazing bowl of fragrant fried rice. Shredded cauliflower, sauteed mushrooms, eggs, cherry tomatoes and some other vegetables are topped with shredded seaweed, fried shallots, spring onions, coriander and red chili. Not only is this a bowl full of TASTY, but it’s a healthy one too, coming in at 355kcal, 20 grams of protein, and only 11 grams of carbs. As a lover of carbs, I wouldn’t dream of going low-carb, but if I did, this is probably how.

While these are my recommendations, do take note that your enjoyment of these dishes during your visit depends on said establishment’s consistency, your palate preference on that day and of course overall service experience. Don’t come knocking on my door if you had a less than yummy visit 😇

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