RenYi 推荐:2024年试吃KLANG VALLEY的前7款独特捞生

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嗨,各位朋友们!随着农历新年的临近,捞生的香气(和实际食材)已经飘散在空气中。也许你正在寻找一款特别的非传统捞生,以展示给你的朋友和家人你有多高的品味。所以,我已经为你做了这项艰巨的工作,找到了吉隆坡谷地最美味和独特的捞生选择,并制成了一个整洁的列表。从最实惠的到最‘发’的捞生,这是我为2024年的推荐: 梅斯普恩 (Mei By Fatspoon):aMEIzing 捞生 47楼陌生人 (Strangers at 47):龙捞生 红豆袋 (Red Beanbag):繁荣捞生 黄砖路 (Yellow Brick Road):捞生 餐桌与围裙 (Table & Apron):繁荣捞生 吃货汇 (Grub):龙捞生 帕帕森小吃店 (Papasan Canteen):彩虹捞生 免责声明: 尽管这些是我的建议,但请注意,您对该机构的享受取决于其一贯性,您当天的口味偏好,以及整体服务体验。如果您的访问体验不如人意,请不要来找我 😇

RenYi Recommends: Top 7 Unique YeeSang to try in Klang Valley 2024

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Renyi Recommends: Best Burgers In KLang Valley 2024 (January)

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So everyday at my Burger Lab, we receive numerous inquiries about our most popular burgers and recommendations for the best we have to offer. While we always advise our guests to choose based on their preferences and the state of their taste buds that day, here are the top two burgers at my Burger Lab … Read more

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Adakah myBurgerLab Telah Mendapatkan Pensijilan Halal Jakim? Ya, Kami Sudah.

Ya. Bermula Julai 2023, myBurgerLab telah memulakan perjalanan mendapatkan Sijil Halal Jakim untuk Dapur Berpusat dan Restoran milik kami. Berikut adalah status halal setiap cawangan: Komitmen myBurgerLab KEPADA Pensijilan Halal: Sejak pembukaan kami pada tahun 2012, myBurgerLab sentiasa berbangga menjadi jenama yang menghargai kepelbagaian dan kepercayaan dalam komuniti. Kami mengakui kepentingan memenuhi keperluan komuniti Malaysia … Read more

Is myBurgerLab Jakim Halal Certified? Yes, We Are.

As of July 2023, myBurgerLab is proud to announce that our central kitchen and select restaurants are now Jakim Halal Certified. Here’s a current snapshot of our certification status: myBurgerLab’s Commitment to Halal: Since our inception in 2012, myBurgerLab has always been committed to inclusivity and trust. Serving Malaysia’s diverse community, we recognize the significance … Read more

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Burger Evolution in Malaysia: Championing local ingredients.

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The Evolution of Burgers in Malaysia: From Street Food to Gourmet Bites

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