Renyi Recommends: Best Burgers in Klang Valley 2024 (APRIL)

Step into the ultimate burger adventure in Kuala Lumpur! This April, join us as we embark on a tantalizing journey featuring two delectable creations from myBurgerLab, accompanied by 1 other burger joint in KL that promise to captivate your taste buds. MYBURGERLAB: The Katy Perry April started off strong with an April Fools Burger called … Read more

Meat-Free Options May Be The Future, But Is The Future A Yummy One?

Introduction With each passing year, more and more meat-free / plant-based burger options have entered the market. And while there have been highlights (shoutout to Impossible Burger, Beyond Meat and Harvest Gourmet), we’re still firm believers that a good old mushroom patty just can’t be beat when it comes to going meatless. The Vivien’s Husband … Read more

Unveiling Our CNY Burgers: “Taukeh Tso” and “Taukeh Ipoh!”

Introduction: As the festive spirit of Chinese New Year comes upon us, we are thrilled to introduce our unique culinary creations for the season: the “Taukeh Tso” and “Taukeh Ipoh” burgers. These aren’t just burgers; they’re a fusion of Eastern traditions and Western culinary ideas, embodying the innovative spirit of myBurgerLab. The Inspiration: Seeking to … Read more

Is myBurgerLab Jakim Halal Certified? Yes, We Are.

As of July 2023, myBurgerLab is proud to announce that our central kitchen and select restaurants are now Jakim Halal Certified. Here’s a current snapshot of our certification status: myBurgerLab’s Commitment to Halal: Since our inception in 2012, myBurgerLab has always been committed to inclusivity and trust. Serving Malaysia’s diverse community, we recognize the significance … Read more