Geeks of myBurgerLab – Jaslyne Joon

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Yup, that’s us!

You may have recently heard about the myBurgerLab Pop Up that took place in Penang over the weekend. We were eager to hear how it all went as one could not help but sense the excitement and passion from the Geeks when they returned. Whilst bombarding them with questions, we felt their joy (and felt some envy) listening to their story. Here’s our geek from Penang, Jaslyne Joon, sharing her experience about her time at the Muntri Fest.  

“Hi there! Many of my friends who supported myBurgerlab were really excited when they heard about the Pop Up in Penang. I personally as a geek, really looked forward to reunite with the team. This was my third event – the first was when I purposely took a bus down from Penang to KL to help with myBurgerlab’s second anniversary and the second was the Samsung Moonlight Cinema . The thing that keeps bringing me back is the special element of anticipation from the crowd and from the Geeks you meet on shift. To be honest, I’m not very much of a F&B person. But the culture here which embraces your weirdness makes you wanna return.

Say hi to Jaslyne :)

Say hi to Jaslyne :)

After two years of missing out, you can still camouflage into the kitchen like a superstar geek. It just makes you feel super important that you’re part of someone else’s amazing burger experience. It still feels like the awesome kitchen back at Seapark. That same awesome vibe when our geek Victor goes crazy running around store with his horse “mask”.

Here, we practically live up to the ’work hard and play hard’ tagline. Having myBurgerlab come to Penang, it brings a whole lot of geekiness and burger awesomeness to Penang.

I’m a geek who expired and went abroad to Hong Kong to work for of two years. When I decided to leave Hong Kong to come home, I was so excited when I found out that myBurgerlab was popping up in Penang. It just felt like the place I once was so familiar with, finally moved one step closer to home.“

Spoken and expressed with a pure heart indeed. “Be Passionate & Dedicated” is one of our cultures that Jaslyn has clearly embraced when she works and in the things she commits herself to even after she has left us. 

We at myBurgerLab would like to welcome all of you who are eager to be part of this family. Being in her shoes isn’t impossible, you too can be that superstar geek!

You can find us in the link below. Don’t shy shy, we don’t bite 😉

Thank You Penang | 1500 Burgers, 3 Days, 30 Hours

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Our Superstar Penang Geek Crew

In conjunction with the Muntri Festival, we took over the kitchen at Inch Food Bar (located at 44 Muntri Street) for 3 days of food, music, drinks and most importantly, fun.

It all started in early April, when FreeForm, part of the organising committee for Muntri Festival, reached out to us with an opportunity to open a Pop Up in Penang over 3 days. We were first excited, but concerned on whether it was actually possible to pull it off on both production and retail execution. Selling our burgers in Penang has always been a dream to die for, and this was a golden opportunity for us after 4 years of putting the idea on hold.

3 weeks of discussion, budgeting and planning, we finally decided to give it a shot. In our minds, we just took a risk by assuming that staffing should be smooth in the summer months, and we have over 500 geeks to choose from to send down a quality crew to feed those hungry souls in Penang.


Our Ultraman and Shroom Boom burger

Of all the 40 variety burgers we have under our belt, we decided to serve our event staple Shroom Boom and this year’s legendary Ultraman burger. It was definitely not an easy choice as we had to balance what is feasible for our production crew to prepare and what equipments that are available at Inch.
(Sorry Beautiful Mess, Bait and Switch and Jammin with Elvis fans)


During the first night (Aug 26) at Inch, we were selling 180 burgers by the first 2 hours and we were sold out (350 burgers) for the night by 9.30pm. We initially planned to sell 1200 burgers throughout the 3 days, but after the first 2 hours on Friday, we knew we had to ask for a top up stock from KL.

The response was really overwhelming. Thanks for the support Penang peeps!


Our team then organized a van specially to deliver 300 more buns on Saturday, which brought up the total number of burgers to 1500. That was the maximum capacity for production as the team back in KL is in the midst of expanding our central kitchen thus limiting production. 


30 hours of burger making, and 1500 burgers later how did it go? Kah Fai, our operations manager said “Everything went smoothly, we were expecting hiccups here and there but the team was strong and gave it their all as a team and we managed to pull through.” We were concerned about the amount of buns, and had to do a top up. All just to make sure we had enough to serve on Sunday.

Milli, one of the partners of Inch, mentioned that the response was unexpected. She said, “We knew it would be busy, but didn’t expect such a large turnout. Thanks to everyone for coming, the support was awesome and we hope everyone had a good time!”




Our Lab Geeks really enjoyed themselves (besides putting on some weight) and they said “Penang has treated us well. We’ve definitely enjoyed ourselves with the good food, and hospitality. Hopefully we can come back again in the future.”

“Am really honoured to be part of this Penang Team and I look forward to more pop ups like this! What a crowd! Thanks to all Penang-ians for having us! Such an intense experience (food+work), but it’s all worth it and definitely would be something that I will look back one day”, shared by our geek Cheong Chun.

Another geek, Carrmun, expressed “Being so comfortable and accustomed to the usual lab environment and crowd, doing a pop up in Penang was definitely an eye opener. It was good seeing the faces of eager Penangites wanting to try our burgers and I had a good time serving them too!”


Our Penang Geek, Joon, was excited to be serving burgers at her home state!

“Haha, many of my friends who supported myBurgerlab really was excited when they pop up in Penang over the weekend. I was personally really looking forward to reunite with the team after working in Hong Kong for 2 years. I had loads of fun serving in my home state and it being my third event with myBurgerLab”, expressed Joon.

“This experience in Penang has been one of my best experiences in myBurgerLab. The guests and people of Penang are also a bunch of really amazing people, whom, in my opinion, make the BEST street food I have ever tasted. I had an amazing time”, quoted our geek Brian.

Our geek from Pakistan, Osama, really enjoyed his first trip in Penang, especially the non stop eating “Being able to satisfy the cravings of countless Penang-ites, on the very first visit to Penang, is something I will cherish for years to come. The Pop-Up experience couldn’t have gotten any better. I basically got to experience most of what Penang is famous for; its food, hospitality, liveliness and beauty.”

“Mind you the past weekend has been an experience like never before. I was a tourist in my own country. Thank you Penang you’ve been amazing! Im proud to have served you. Standing for long hours and serving burgers to Penangites could not have been any better experience if it’s weren’t for the six people I sailed with. These guys kept me going the whole way. To the Chief, Kah Fai, thank you for your amazing leadership it made this trip a memorable one”, said Arfan.

Lastly, our fun, cheerful geek, Grace, expressed her joyful experience, “Penang has been a place for quintessential food inspiration to me growing up. My grandparents always brought me around Georgetown to have great meals! I was so thrilled to be part of a skilled team in this adventurous trip and pop-up. The F&B scene in Penang was invigorating to explore and experience as a culinary enthusiast. I am very grateful for the opportunity and hope for many more! Ngam lah.”

We would like to thank FreeForm for being very supportive and accommodating to our requests as well as Inch for hosting us at their space. Thanks to all the customers, friends and family members that came in support and helped spread the news of our first ever Pop Up out of Klang Valley.

We hope really hope many of you had a great time with us over the weekend. Hope to see you guys in our outlet whenever you are in KL.

Till then, to our next adventure……

When Ultraman & Shroom bomb visited penang during this weekend #myburgerlab

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The Ultraman! Fried chicken thigh with creamy salted egg sauce! #myburgerlab

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It’s a burger kind of day #myburgerlab #penang #ultraman #shroomburger

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Burger Battle Returns for the Fifth Time

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2nd March, the day our fellow geeks marched into battle against each other, to come up with the most unique and mouth-watering burgers they could imagine. The battle was intense, the kitchen was on fire (not literally of course). The smell of adrenaline filled the air, as well as the aroma of juicy patties being cooked. First up, we were introduced to the glorious city of Mumbai by sisters Thanussha and Natasha. With each bite bursting with spices and flavors, The Mumbai Bite, certainly did kickstart the battle brightly, setting the stage for what was to become a very competitive night of burger battling.



Next up was Brian Ee, who decided it was time to bring the audiences back to where it all started, Malaysia. Inspired by a Malaysia favorite (Nasi Lemak) Brian wrapped up the local delight and constructed ‘The Malaysian Favourite’.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Crouching up behind Brian is KungFu duo, Chi Yan and Kong Jun, together with their burger, ‘KungFu Pow!’. Aiming to knock the judges off their seats, Chi Yan and Kong Jun came up with a chicken burger topped with Kung Pao sauce, topped with roasted cashew nuts. Following the KungFu Pow, was Edmund and Eugene’s reinvention of the Caesar Salad, a caesar salad burger. What better way to illustrate the house of the leader of an empire? A glorious burger of course!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

After having such a variety of flavorful burgers, it was time to spice things up. Tom Yum lovers Rachel and Jing Jia brought in a Fried Oyster Mushroom and Fried Squid Tom Yum burger. With their homemade Tom Yum mayo sauce being the star of the burger, audiences couldn’t help but to ask for more of the ‘Tom Yum Goong’.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset


We’re almost done with the battle! Next was Victor’s burger, ‘The F Word’. F for FISH! (Also the only fish burger in the competition). Hoping to swim into victory, Victor prepared a fried fish burger topped with sauce made with Feta Cheese, Yogurt and Cucumber.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Last but not least, Celestine and Jeremy crackled the audience up with their ‘Crackle Crunch’! Ending the battle on a crunchy note, the two amigos topped their fried chicken patty with a perfectly fried hash brown, topped with Queso (a cheese sauce) and Nachos. There is only one word to describe the crackle crunch, it was certainly nacho-rific!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

And finally, the climax of the battle… Awaiting the results from the judges!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThough none of the burgers qualified for the cash prize, there were several highlights from the night. The ‘Mumbai Bite’ interested judges with its combination of heat, spice and texture, while the ‘Tom Yum Goong’ spiced up the judges taste buds. The star of the burger being the Tom Yum mayo, spicy yet zesty and creamy at the same time. These were the burgers with the most potential from the night. With some minor changes these 2 burgers may be coming to you soon? Only time will tell!


Well, that was one of the many many intense events to come. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @myburgerlab  to keep yourself updated!


Till then!


All 45 Geeky Things We Did in 2014

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Thank you to all of you for the wonderful amazing 2014 that has been. Here’s a list of things if you missed out that we have done this year in 2014.

  1. First Awesome Monday!
    We wanted to make Monday awesome for the neighbourhood!! So we did!
  2. Relaunch of Zoidberger!
    The Zoidberger: Garlic Butter Prawn/s on top of seared Beef Patty, Fish Curry Mayo, Blueberry Jam, and crunchy Rempenyet.
  3. Launch of Project C
    We wanted to support a geeks dream to bake and run her own business. So, Project C is born!
    Proud to announce we suply to 15 different cafes in KL, Redang Island and also Ipoh!
  4. We played Fun Run with you!
    We found out lots of you play this addictive game so we decided to join in the fun! Winner got a free burger from us!

  5. Launched The Awesome Card!
    We launched a limited edition Unique Loyalty Card that requires you to travel around to get your free burger!
  6. Relaunch of The Seattle 2.0
    The Seattle: A toasted soft sugar donut bun, an oozy fried egg, some sautéed mushroom and a crispy beef patty topped with Sharp Cheddar done two ways. Where’s the coffee you ask? Oh, the sauce is an Espresso* infused Umami mayo.
  7. Collab with Samsung Lifestyle.
    We are now part of the Samsung Life app which rewards Samsung users with special discounts!
  8. Relaunch of Kaiju and Jaeger
    Due to popular demand, we brought back these two powerhouse. They are itching for a return in the new year!
  9. We partied and served at FMFA!
    For the second year in a row, we were right at the heart of the biggest party of the year!
  10. We made Earth Hour permanent for 2014
    We loved the idea of Earth Hour and we felt that just once a year is not enough! So we committed ourselves to reminding everyone of being watchful of their Carbon Footprint.
  11. April’s Fool Promo!
    We pulled off another successful April Fools prank!

  13. Visit by Youtube Superstars – Kina Grannis, Madilyn Bailey, Jun Curry Ahn, David Choi, Jason Chen, Jinnyboy and Reuben.
  14. Collab with RandomAlphabet and made Sarong Burger.
  15. Remember the 2048 game!? We made our own!
    Click here to play!</li>

  16. Received 2013 Top40 award by TimeOutKL
    This came a bit late but it still made our day!
  17. Launched Gojira: It takes a Beast to defeat another.
  18. Collab with Samsung: Starlight Cinema
    It was an awesome week serving burgers under the stars and watching movies on the super big screen!
  19. Collab with Fried Chillies: ieatburger Event.
    Proud to be a part of such a glorious event! 20 TOP KL burger joints in one location!
  20. Collab with myTeksi:
    We manage to secure a good deal with myTeksi to fetch our customers to our Labs for a discounted fare!
  21. Geeks Appreciation Night
    The managers and founders of myBurgerLab cooked for the staff instead as an appreciation for their effort. We also invited their parents over for a get together to understand what environment their kids are working at. Lots of love all around!
  22. Launched The Ultimate DoubleDown.
    As a tribute to KFC’s DoubleDown, we made our own!
    2x Fried Chicken Schnitzel as Buns. In the middle we have a duo of Sharp Cheddar & Swiss Cheese, Chicken Pâté, Soggy Fries, and a sweet Garlic Honey Soy Sauce.
  23. Collab with Alliance Bank.
    In conjunction if the launch of BizSmart Academy by Alliance Bank, we made a burger called ‘Like A Boss’ for them!
  24. Received Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.
    We were so surprised to receive such a wonderful news from Trip Advisor! We won a Certificate of Excellence! At the same time, we are rated as the No1 restaurant in PJ on Trip Advisor too!
  25. Launch of Not-So-Original Rendang Burger.
    After the success that is the Satay Burger, we were called to make another locally flavoured burger, hence The Rendang Burger with fresh Mango Cubes!
  26. Anniversary (10th July) Charity Drive
    As part of our yearly commitment to do good with our customers, we held a Canned Food Charity Drive! We even had The Ming Thing and friends to help us give our free burgers!
  27. Launch of Mini Burgers
    We launched our range of mini burgers to meet the demand for people who have small appetites and wanna share different varieties of burgers.
  28. We ran the Colour Run!
    The most colourful run of the year and we were there! Did you see us!?
  29. Endorse Goget as our Delivery Service.
    You can now get myBurgerLab Burgers using the services of Goget!
  30. 50,000 Likes on Facebook and Collab with Groupon.
    As a way to say thank you for the great support given to us, we collaborate with Groupon and gave our an awesome deal! 11,000 Groupons were sold out in 4 days! Woah!
  31. Coolest and Happiest Ice Bucket Challenge
  32. We were on BFM enterprice (Breakaway)
    We are very honoured to be invited by BFM to be a part of their BFM Enterprise Breakaway session!
  33. We were at Digi Annual Staff Appreciation event.
    Digi asked to feed their hardworking staff on their annual Appreciation Day! We can’t say no! They sure know how to party!
  34. We celebrated Halloween in style!

  35. We saw 3 of our Seniors Geeks graduated from KDU College!
    We are so proud of these Geeks! So happy we could be a part of their journey into adulthood.
  36. We have our own newsletter where we share our news, experience, recipes and etc with you!
  37. Awesome Monday Part 2!
    We decided it’s time we did our part to cheer up the neighbourhood again!
  38. Opening our 3rd Lab:
    It is our plan to slowly grow organically and sustainably. Our 3rd Lab showcase a little more confidence and maturity as we grow. Thanks for the support thus far! We hope to grow with you and continue to serve you in the years to come!

  39. Advent Calendar.
    Our Christmas Present to you! Rm100 for 25 burgers!

    View post on

  40. Lemon Challenge
    Think you can balance a 10cents coin on a lemon? Try it and win rm50! Someone did!

  41. The Last Comment/Instagram Challenge
    Easiest Contest EVER! (Ok, maybe not)

  42. We hosted WongFu Productions and friends at Sunway Lab!
    OMG! It’s Phil and Wesley from Wongfu Productions! Along with David Choi, JinnyBoy an friends visited! We even played Bball and Ultimate Frisbee with them!

    View post on

  43. We have salads now!
    We are now officially selling Salads! Wohoo! More to come!
  44. We hosted a Meet & Greet event with JinnyBoyTV
    Alongside with Shoppertise, we are proud to have hosted a Meet & Greet with Jin and Reuben from JinnyboyTV!
  45. Babies/Kids Eat for Free!
    Shoooo CUTE! Thanks to Baby Jezz, all babies and kids under 8 eat for free!
  46. RnD Future Project: Hotdawgs!
    And we want to end the year with something new to look forward to! Wanna try our Hotdawgs!?

10 Cool Halloween Things We Did at myBurgerLab (2014)

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Halloween is always a fun day for many and we started the tradition of decorating our stores since we open our doors in 2012. So this year was actually our 3rd time setting up our place for decoration.

A big shoutout to our geeks and management team for putting up a good experience for the people, though we didn’t dress up as evil scientist making your burgers (*Apologies for that). Here are the 10 cool things we did this year for Halloween.

  1. Our little bun spider


  2. Little Casper Says Bye!


  3. Beware She Bites


  4. The Scary Movie Mask


  5. Mr. Doorkenstein


  6. Jack Skellington is in the House


  7. Thing in Pair


  8. Boo!


  9. Evil Bat Burger


  10. Say Hi to Our New Friends


Have any cool Halloween ideas to suggest to us next year? Leave them at the comment below!

2nd Anniversary – A Big Thank You

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We would like to take this time to thank all of you who have contributed to the event. The 4 homes – Agathians ShelterUnited Learning CenterBeautiful Gates Foundation (Puchong) & St Jude’s Home have expressed gratitude to all of you who were part of this awesome donation drive. You have no idea how much of difference all of you have made to their lives with all the donation provided. We have racked up to about RM 4000 in cash and close to 50 boxes of food items in just one day!  

On a side note, the homes above are looking out for volunteers, so if you or your friends who would like to take your time and contribute back to them, do contact them with the links above to find out how you can contribute further.

As for us, we had so much fun serving all of you who came. Firstly, a big thank you goes out to the gang from The Ming Thing and friends for giving up their time and also actually getting their hands dirty working for a full 4-5 hours helping giving out burgers, drinks, cleaning tables and etc to our customers. Special mention goes to MingHan, MingYue, LihRen, Michelle Lee, Fiqa, Bryan Lim, Bryzoid, Jeremy Choy, Raffi Thng, Jean Chu, Dan Khoo, Ernest Ng, Dennis Yin, Ivan, Jing Xiu and Darren Wong. (We’re srry if we left out any names) You were all amazing and we are totally entertained by your antics!

The next shoutout goes to our awesome Geeks, who all volunteered their time (yes, all ‘pro bono’) to help out at both Labs. We can sing praises when it comes to the Geeks, they are all hardworking, loyal and just generally good people! We are truly fortunate to be working side by side with them, and we can’t ask for a better team. Loving you guys and girls a lot!

Finally, most importantly, once again, it’s you. You, the people who came in droves with all your charitable goods and monetary donations (Some didn’t even want burgers, they just wanted to donate food stuff!). We couldn’t have done it without your support. You have shown that Malaysians are a caring bunch and that we as a society still cares for one another. Also, we would like to give a shoutout to Pepsi Co, Smooshie, Simplot, and Inkugram to support this event in kind and in person. 🙂 #malaysiansdocare

*For those of you who were at SeaPark, we’re sure you guys had fun with the Ming Crew serving you burgers, cleaning tables and interact with you guys. 😀

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. ― John Bunyan


2anniversary_02 copy2anniversary_03 copy2anniversary_04 copy

2nd Anniversary – Charity Drive 2.0

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As y’all know by now, it’s our Birthday tomorrow Thursday (10th July) and we have ONE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED ‘Say Cheese’ burgers with drinks and Hashbrown to give out!

Fast facts:
– We will be giving out these free burger at both Seapark and OUG.
– As per usual we start at 5pm.
– We have a 1 person 1 Burger policy.
– Yes, The Ming Thing and gang will be helping out that day.
– Our kind sponsors are SimplotSmooshie JuicePepsi, and inkugram.

All donations will go to these charitable homes: St. Judes Old Folks Home, Agathians Orphanage, United Learning Centre & Beautiful Gates.
We don’t usually say this, but any ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on this post is much appreciated!

Look what we collected last year!
Also, here’s a list of things you can help bring. We hope you can contribute more than the required amount! If it’s not too much to ask, we would also appreciate it if the items exchanged has a value between rm5-rm10 (or more!).
Condensed Milk
Strawberry Jam
Milo(3 in 1)
Nescafe 3 in 1
Brown sugar
Instant noodle-spicy
Instant noodle-chicken
Coffee 3 in 1
Super Nestum 3 in 1
Milk powder
Tomato sauce (large)
Chili sauce (large)
Peanut Butter
Soya sauce
Oyster Sauce
Luncheon Meat

Laundry detergent (powder)
Dish wash detergent
Toilet detergent
Floor cleaning detergent
Window cleaner
Toilet paper

Thank you and we’ll see you soon!

FMFA 2014 – You Can’t Party Hungry

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10013838_774668689211865_477326096_nYup, you read it right. From 13-15th March, we will be serving burgers at one of the hottest Music Events – Future Music Festival Asia. This year’s location will be at Bukit Jalil Station and similarly like last year, we will be serving freshly cooked burgers on the spot.

We will be serving ShroomBomb – cheesy concoction of Umami filled mushrooms on top of a quarter pounder of juicy Beef/Chicken seared patties. Like every one of us, we can’t party hungry, so we hope you can drop by even if it’s just a “hello”.

Eat! Sleep! Rave! Repeat!

P.S. Both our SeaPark outlet and OUG outlet will still be running 🙂


13 Geeky Things @myBurgerLab in 2013

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I figured it would be fun to recapture few of the geeky moments (hey what being a geek is for if we are not gonna do any geeky stuff 😉 ) that we had at myBurgerLab, for making it an unforgettable 2013.

    1. OUG Lab
      oug_labWe brought our geekiness to OUG,KL this year, with the same opening days and hours. This space is slightly bigger than our old SeaPark branch and it has a different soda dispenser (shhh…). The 2nd geeky BurgerLab is located at 8, Jalan Awan Hijau, Taman OUG, 58200 KL. Opening our doors same time from 5.00pm till 10.15pm (kitchen closes), we hope to see more of you around the neighborhood there.


    1. 1st Year Anniversary with a Gesture
      annualThe Lab turned 1 this year and it was great fun to see many of you came and support not only us but also for a good cause – can food charity drive. It was definitely a great sight to see Malaysians coming together to make a difference to the community.


    1. Battling Out on Burgers
      Yup, it can’t be any geekier than having our own Burger Battle to compete with each other by coming up with various burger recipes. Twice this year that we saw our geeks coming together with passion, dedication and innovation to wow the judges. I got to admit, there’s some pretty crazy combination right there. Feels like we can pull off a myBurgerLab Signature restaurant already. And certainly, we would also like to thank our judges for stuffing themselves with endless burgers.
      Check out our short clips of both battles below.


    1. FMFA & NuffNang
      19 9We had great fun in serving burgers in our 2 big events this year – the awesome FMFA at Sepang and first ever NuffNang Food Fest (#NNFoodFest). Man, being at these 2 events had loads of fun. We had to serve thousand over buns in the span of 2 days (and a guy flying into our booth Superman style at end of Day 1) and it was crazy fun with the headbobbling trance music in the background.


    1. DOTA?
      53Yes another Geek Alert! We had a mini Lan Party for DOTA 2 players at the Lab, with our own team playing against 3 other teams. We are thankful to StashDen and our fans for such a great response. Our geeks definitely have to buck up for the next one apart from just flipping burgers.


    1. Yes, Tofu
      tofuVege lovers would love this, as the Geeky R&D team came up an alternative for you! Yup, you can swap patties of any burgers (check with our geeks to see if it’s recommended of course!) to tofu patty. Limited quantities only though!


    1. Gotten your Paycheck?
      paycheckAn experiment (not launched) to try out good cut of beef for our burgers. It needs more work though, but stay tuned this year. Sorry if this just made your new year resolution to be compromised.


    1. What??! Cheese in Patty?
      cheeseinburgerThis is as Lab Geekiness to another level. Again this was just Testing, and it’s not launched yet. Perhaps you can do one to your Ramly at home just to test them out for fun.


    1. Geeky Tip Jars
      Creative flair deserve some admiration. Our geeks had to figure out a way to fish for tips when their bosses were too cheapskate. And this definitely deserve a spot here!


    1. SeaPark just got doubled
      We opened up the 1st floor of SeaPark for extra seating in December. The long awaited MORE SPACE request has been fulfilled. Now there’s very little “I need your seats stare” over your shoulders. We would like to apologise deeply on how long it took us so long to do this but we hope that you and your group of friends can enjoy yourselves better from now on.


    1. And the Birthday Boy/Girl went wild
      Our “Project C” Geek hit the home run with this miniature 2 inch diameter 100g Black Burger Cake for the December babies (yup it only looks big only in photo). It was launched for free with a 3 day ahead request and we would like to thank all of you who were willing to be our guinea pig. She would like to personally give a shoutout to many of you who ordered it.


    1. Got Increase Price or Not?
      2014, year of increment on everything else except salary. Yup it’s going to be a tough year for everyone. With that, we had to put our geeky minds to test this year after pledging that we would remain our prices next year. Oh and btw, the awesome chicken joint in town is tagging along the bandwagon as well.


  1. Gratitude Box
    gratitude boxWhat a better way to end the year than to say thanks to our geeks for all the contribution they have given to the customers. Emphasizing on customer interaction and instragamable burgers, they have done a fabulous job for making the year 2013 an awesome one.

God so much to keep up with for 2014. Looks like we have to challenge ourselves to pull off 14 things to achieve for 2014!

The Way To A Happy Tummy

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Dear Burger fans and <3ers, the time has come!
A week from now, myBurgerLab will be ‘soft launching’ on the 4th of July at 5pm! So, come on over, meet the team and give our burgers a try!

We are located at 14, Jalan 21/22, SeaPark, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Or you can check us out on Google Map here ->

p.s We will be offering a smaller menu selection on that day in order to ensure the quality of our burgers is not compromised as we work out the kinks in our brand new kitchen!
Our menu will expand slowly as the week passes!