2nd Anniversary – A Big Thank You

We would like to take this time to thank all of you who have contributed to the event. The 4 homes – Agathians Shelter, United Learning Center, Beautiful Gates Foundation (Puchong) & St Jude’s Home have expressed gratitude to all of you who were part of this awesome donation drive. You have no idea how much of difference all of you have made to their lives with all the donation provided. We have racked up to about […]

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2nd Anniversary – Charity Drive 2.0

  As y’all know by now, it’s our Birthday tomorrow Thursday (10th July) and we have ONE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED ‘Say Cheese’ burgers with drinks and Hashbrown to give out! Fast facts: - We will be giving out these free burger at both Seapark and OUG. - As per usual we start at 5pm. - We have a 1 person 1 Burger policy. - Yes, The Ming Thing and gang will be helping […]

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FMFA 2014 – You Can’t Party Hungry

Yup, you read it right. From 13-15th March, we will be serving burgers at one of the hottest Music Events – Future Music Festival Asia. This year’s location will be at Bukit Jalil Station and similarly like last year, we will be serving freshly cooked burgers on the spot. We will be serving ShroomBomb – cheesy concoction of Umami filled mushrooms on top of a quarter pounder of juicy Beef/Chicken […]

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13 Geeky Things @myBurgerLab in 2013

I figured it would be fun to recapture few of the geeky moments (hey what being a geek is for if we are not gonna do any geeky stuff ) that we had at myBurgerLab, for making it an unforgettable 2013. OUG Lab We brought our geekiness to OUG,KL this year, with the same opening days and hours. This space is slightly bigger than our old SeaPark branch and it […]

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It was an Ooey Gooey Night

It was indeed an emotional night for us at myBurgerLab as it was the last session of our pop up restaurant in the Red Beanbag (our good pal’s place). To end it with a bang, our new creation Ooey Gooey Stack was rolled out that night. Portabella mushroom for the win!! [Sorry Khai Sim (our biggest fan) that you had to miss out on that] We had yet another full […]

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A Night of Black and White

No, it wasn’t the dress code. It was the first time where we rolled out our bamboo charcoal buns and our usual white fluffy buns. 2 trays of each were made, with one special customer gotten the special Ying and Yang bun It was indeed a busy night. Full house to the max and it was so great to see people’s face lit up upon the first bite. Someone even […]

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Experiment 2.2 – Open for Reservation

Yup, the lab will be open for reservation. Do join our mailing list here to be notified through email so that you can reserve your spot. First come first serve We had our second stress test last night, serving about 30 customers. Everything was pretty smooth overall. There were just a few over toasted buns but we managed to pull it off. A+ was our main seller for the whole […]

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Experiment 2.1 – 3 Days of Serving

It has been an interesting week, with 1 down and 2 ups. Thursday We had family members and friends of 2 our partners came along to test our burgers. It’s always such a pleasure to see your close ones there to give you a support and a pat on your back. This night prove to be an important one to us, as we received pretty strong constructive feedback on how […]

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Experiment 2.0 – Stress Test

Tonight, we decided to stress test ourselves by throwing a big invite to our Ultimate Frisbee friends to see if we can handle a crowd of 30 people and also to get their valuable feedback. It was definitely a stressful night as you can imagine, having such a large crowd with only 3 guys handling the kitchen and the floor, but nonetheless we had loads of fun seeing many of […]

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Experiment 1.3 – Accidental Findings

A good start to our week, as our Lab Geek finally got his potato buns right this time. After a 3 way split test experiment and some reverse engineering calculations, he managed to get the right combination. This time, we had Sharon, Chui Yen and Ai Peng with us for more taste testing! There were mixed reviews for our A+ burgers. Looks like the crispy cheese and choice of mushrooms […]

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