Renyi Recommends: Best Burgers In Klang Valley 2024 (January)

So everyday at my Burger Lab, we receive numerous inquiries about our most popular burgers and recommendations for the best we have to offer. While we always advise our guests to choose based on their preferences and the state of their taste buds that day, here are the top two burgers at my Burger Lab that consistently delight our guests.

myBurgerLab: The Chuck Norris (RM26.90)

The Chuck Norris Burger

This burger showcases slow-cooked braised Brisket and Chuck, shredded and generously coated with BBQ sauce, all perched atop a perfectly grilled Angus beef patty and crowned with Fried Onion Shreds. It may not be the most avant-garde burger, but it’s a classic flavor combination that satisfies your BBQ cravings flawlessly. The crispy texture of the Fried Onions blends harmoniously with the tender pulled Brisket, creating a mouthwatering contrast in every bite. It’s safe to say; this is the current reigning champion of myBurgerLab.

myBurgerLab: The Beautiful Mess (RM25.90)

The Beautiful Mess Burger

I’ve been enjoying this burger since 2012, and although it has evolved over the years with minor tweaks, it remains a must-try whenever I bring friends along. The magical union of crispy fried Portobello mushrooms and a perfectly cooked Sunnyside Up egg feels like a match-made in heaven. In this burger, the beef almost plays a supporting role, but it all comes together in perfect harmony. The Beautiful Mess is a timeless classic that deserves a spot on your myBurgerLab journey.

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Renyi’s January Top Picks

But Renyi, aren’t you bored of eating your own burger?
If you have to eat burgers outside of myBurgerLab, what’s your go to?Alrighty, here are some of my personal recommendations if you’re on the hunt for exceptional burgers in Kuala Lumpur.

1) Strangers at 47

[Top Left] The Surf & Turf Burger | [Top Right] The Buttermilk Chicken Burger | [Bottom] The Space
[Top Left] The Surf & Turf Burger | [Top Right] The Buttermilk Chicken Burger | [Bottom] The Space

This place needs no introduction. The famous award-winning cafe with easily the best crepe in town also has a generous selection of burgers. I highly recommend the Surf and Turf (RM30) and Buttermilk Chicken (RM30) burger on their menu.

The Surf and Turf Burger combines the best of both land and sea, featuring succulent Tiger prawns atop a seared beef patty with a Cheddar cheese skirt. Spinach and caramelized onions complete this culinary masterpiece. While Strangers at 47 may be famous for their crepes, this burger is an absolute must-try for every visitor. Oh ya, get the twister fries too.

For the Chicken Burger lovers, this one is for you. Try their Buttermilk Chicken and indulge in hot honey-glazed fried chicken paired harmoniously with buttermilk sauce, spinach, and their secret sauce aioli. This burger provides a unique and refreshing take on the common buttermilk chicken burgers found elsewhere. It’s a mouthwatering experience that might just leave you in a food-induced coma—in the best way possible. Don’t forget to pair it with the Iced Pandamic (Pandan lemongrass cooler) for a complete gastronomic journey.

2) Flavorites & Co.

[Left] Perfect for get-togethers | [Top Right] The Mona Lisa Burger | [Bottom Right] The Smashed O' Bacon Burger
[Left] Perfect for get-togethers | [Top Right] The Mona Lisa Burger | [Bottom Right] The Smashed O’ Bacon Burger

Hidden modestly among the row of shops in Taipan USJ, Flavorites & Co. is a newcomer to the local burger scene. Two standout choices on their menu are the Smashed O’ Bacon (RM15) and The Mona Lisa (RM24).

The Smashed O’ Bacon features a double smashed beef patty topped with double cheese, beef bacon, and sweet onion jam, finished with their signature hot mayo. It’s a simple and straightforward burger that packs a punch. Definitely one to watch out for. Get it on a rainy cold day for a late night snack. It will hit all the right tingles.”

The Mona Lisa is a single-patty beef burger akin to the Smash o Bacon but with a twist—a mozzarella cheese crust, similar to what you’d find at myBurgerLab. The addition of relish provides a tangy kick that perfectly complements the indulgent burger experience. While it is a simple burger, the flavors are to be reckon with and worth every rm spent.

3) Alta Cafe

[Left] A modern, comfortable space | [Right] The Altaburger
[Left] A modern, comfortable space | [Right] The Altaburger

Situated on the quieter side of Bangsar, along Jalan Bangkung, ALTA Café offers up the delectable Alta Beef Burger (RM26).
This signature burger features Angus beef, a double patty, cheddar cheese, onions, special sauce, all nestled within a potato roll. The star of the show is undoubtedly the juicy beef patties, oozing with flavor and tenderness. Each bite is an explosion of savory juices. This burger is an absolute delight, with flavors that leave you craving for more. The soft, tender brioche bun, perfectly complemented by just the right amount of sauce and a playful pickle, makes it a heavenly experience.

Bonus mention: Bones at TTDI and Local Area Burger also at TTDI are worth checking out too!

These are just a few of the tantalizing burger options available in Kuala Lumpur. Whether you stick to the classics at myBurgerLab or explore the diverse burger landscape in the city, there’s always a culinary adventure awaiting your taste buds. Enjoy your burger journey in KL!

While these are my recommendations, do take note that your enjoyment of these burgers during your visit depends on said establishment’s consistency, your palate preference on that day and of course overall service experience. Don’t come knocking on my door if you had a less than savory visit 😇

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