Unveiling Our CNY Burgers: “Taukeh Tso” and “Taukeh Ipoh!”


As the festive spirit of Chinese New Year comes upon us, we are thrilled to introduce our unique culinary creations for the season: the “Taukeh Tso” and “Taukeh Ipoh” burgers. These aren’t just burgers; they’re a fusion of Eastern traditions and Western culinary ideas, embodying the innovative spirit of myBurgerLab.

The Inspiration:

Seeking to create a burger that embodies the essence of Chinese New Year, we drew inspiration from the iconic McDonald’s Prosperity Burger. Our goal was to craft a burger that would become synonymous with the festival, leading us to blend Western burger-making with Asian flavors. The result is “Taukeh Ipoh,” our unique take on the American Chinese classic, General Tso’s Chicken and a local ‘controversial’ ingredient: Taugeh aka Bean Sprouts.

Why is Taugeh so ‘CONTROVERSIAL’ in Malaysia?

When we floated the idea of a ‘Taugeh’ burger on social media, it was riddled with comments by people who fell on both sides – those who were excited, and those who said the image made them ‘irrationally angry’

In the realm of Malaysian cuisine, Taugeh, or bean sprouts, have polarized food enthusiasts into two distinct camps. On one side are those who meticulously remove every strand of Taugeh from their Char Kueh Teow or Laksa, possibly put off by the subtle release of juice from the sprouts or their weird, stringy texture that stands out in these beloved dishes. Then there are the aficionados who can’t get enough, relishing the crispness they add to each bite. Recognizing this divide, we’ve boldly featured Taugeh as a standout ingredient in our new burger, sparking conversations and perhaps even changing a few minds.

Crafting the “Taukeh Tso” Burger for the Anti Taugeh friends:

myBurgerLab's Taukeh Tso Burger

“Taukeh Tso” is a delightful fusion of our signature fried chicken coated in homemade General Tso sauce with a hint of sesame flavor, sauce inspired by Made With Lau’s recipe. This burger combines fresh lettuce, sesame seeds, our bright Tangy Mayo, and a sweet pineapple topping, making it a burger that’s sure to win hearts of those who prefer to ‘kiap’ their Taugeh out from their CKT.

Introducing the Controversial “Taukeh Ipoh”:

myBurgerLab's Taukeh Ipoh Burger, which features Taugeh (Bean Sprouts)

For the taugeh lovers or more adventurous palates, we present “Taukeh Ipoh.” Drawing inspiration from my recent trip to Japan, this variant replaces the usual lettuce or greens in a burger with a teppanyaki-style grilled cabbage and Taugeh Ipoh, introducing an exciting crunch and a burst of wok hei never tasted before in burgers. We cooked it with our Chili paste to give it more ‘kick’.
“Taukeh Ipoh Burger” is a unique local burger experience that promises to intrigue and delight.

The Story Behind the Names:

Thanks DurianEd for the explanation – now we can skip this part 😂

We named our CNY special “Taukeh Tso” to symbolize generosity and good luck, hoping to bless everyone who tries it with prosperity and good health. “Taukeh Ipoh,” on the other hand, gets its name from the Taugeh from Ipoh used in its preparation, perfectly fitting the pun and the flavor profile.

Positive Initial Reactions:

Our early tastings have been met with overwhelmingly positive responses, giving us the confidence to roll out these burgers as our Chinese New Year feature items.

A Fusion of Cultures:

While “Taukeh Tso” may not be 100% locally inspired, it represents what makes myBurgerLab stand out: the fusion of Western and Eastern flavor profiles, sparking new culinary ideas and experiences.

Looking Ahead:

Expect to see similar creative concepts for other festive celebrations, like Hari Raya. We’re already planning something special for that occasion, continuing our tradition of culinary innovation.

Don’t Miss Out:

This Chinese New Year, join us in celebrating with “Taukeh Tso” and “Taukeh Ipoh.” Whether you choose the familiar comfort of “Taukeh Tso” or the bold adventure of “Taukeh Ipoh,” we promise a culinary celebration that’s as festive and exciting as the season itself. Happy Chinese New Year, and we can’t wait to hear which burger becomes your favorite!

Ren Yi Chin, a mechanical engineering graduate, embarked on a journey into the world of F&B during his university days. Falling in love with all it had to offer, he harbored a dream of creating a place where people could come together, create memories and bond over good food and unforgettable experiences. From this dream, my Burger Lab was born in 2012. Over a decade later, Ren Yi continues to lead the my Burger Lab team, developing new recipes, experimenting with unique marketing techniques and creating happiness between fluffy bamboo charcoal buns.

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