Renyi Recommends: Best Burgers in Klang Valley 2024 (APRIL)

Step into the ultimate burger adventure in Kuala Lumpur! This April, join us as we embark on a tantalizing journey featuring two delectable creations from myBurgerLab, accompanied by 1 other burger joint in KL that promise to captivate your taste buds. MYBURGERLAB: The Katy Perry April started off strong with an April Fools Burger called … Read more

Unveiling Our CNY Burgers: “Taukeh Tso” and “Taukeh Ipoh!”

Introduction: As the festive spirit of Chinese New Year comes upon us, we are thrilled to introduce our unique culinary creations for the season: the “Taukeh Tso” and “Taukeh Ipoh” burgers. These aren’t just burgers; they’re a fusion of Eastern traditions and Western culinary ideas, embodying the innovative spirit of myBurgerLab. The Inspiration: Seeking to … Read more